About me

Hi! I’m Lisa and I have a Chronic Illness. ( sounds like we’re at an AA meeting!) Who wants to go next?!

Lets try that introduction again shall we? I’m 41, Mum, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend and Speech Therapist. I was diagnosed with M.E/CFS just under two years ago after a long ass struggle with my health. I’ve probably only just accepted the diagnosis (massive lie, haven’t properly accepted it) and trying to work out what to do now! Any suggestions? Anyone? This blog (I actually typed bog first, which seems more fitting considering how I feel some days) is just my way of making sense of this journey and where it might take me. I’m hoping some of you might want to join me and help me navigate my way through this freaky little town called Chronic illness. I can’t seem to find a map and I’ve been shouting “Are we there yet?” for a while now. Last time I checked there were no Little Chefs to stop off at, which considering my irritable bowel and tendency to wee myself when excited ; might be a bit of a problem.

Moving on……. (quickly)…

My plan is to research as many treatments, lifestyle changes, diets, coping strategies, therapies , tips and advice as possible; and see what helps. Think of me as your own personal guinea pig (oink? squeak?). I’ll be brutally honest (bit of a personality trait; see piss reference above) and share my successes and failures * (Whole M.E/CFS community shakes heads in disapproval at the word failure) I know!! I know! Being chronically ill is not a failure; but lets be honest it does make you feel like you’ve failed every day that you can’t achieve your hopes and dreams for yourself. Lets acknowledge those feelings and not hide them away. I am NOT an expert in this subject but I want to learn. Lets get started.

It’s time I faced up to M.E. (did you see what I did there? no? OK, never mind).

*Disclaimer; I have a tendency not to stick to things. Yesterday I gave up sugar, I’m currently on my second bag of foam shrimps and fizzy fangs.